Is vaping bad for you?

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Is Vaping Bad For You?

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of back and forth debates on whether or not vaping poses any health risks to its users. One of the most common questions is circling the vape community is, “Is vaping bad for you?”. If you’re part of the vaping community, then you’ve probably heard about the “dangerous chemicals” the*FDA*has claimed to be found in electronic cigarettes. The truth of the matter is, this is an important topic that needs be openly discussed, but unfortunately it’s turned into a political and strictly profit driven game.

It’s easy to see that Tobacco companies are losing a lot of their profits as cigarette smokers continue to switch over to using vapes and e-cigs. For many decades, tobacco companies have profited billions upon billions of dollars at the cost of their own customers’ health. Millions of lives have been lost and continue to be lost from the illnesses proven to be caused from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Yet the FDA still allows the tobacco companies to continue selling a product that is known and even proven to cause serious illnesses and a lot of times death. If the FDA was truly here for the safety of the public, they would ban both the sale and production of tobacco cigarettes.

Let’s look at some facts to see, is vaping bad for you or not?

I’ve been asked many times, “Is vaping bad for you?” or “Is vaping safe?”. Most of the time the question is asked by someone who smokes tobacco cigarettes, but they’re afraid to make the switch to vaping or electronic cigarettes because of all the negative publicity they’ve seen or heard. Take a minute and really ask yourself “Is vaping safe?” or “Is vaping bad for you?”.

It’s a fact that smoke from tobacco cigarettes is made up of more than 7,000 different chemicals, including 70 (carcinogens) that are known to cause cancer. The vape juice or e-liquids used in vapes and vape mods contains several ingredients. Vape juice or e-liquids are made with either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) mixed with many custom flavors. Adding nicotine to the vape juice or e-liquids is optional. Not all vape juice and e-liquids contain nicotine, although the ones containing nicotine have been an effective way for many long time tobacco smokers to finally quit smoking.

Tobacco cigarettes produce smoke by burning tobacco. Electronic cigarettes and vapes on the other hand, produce vapors by vaporizing vape juice and e-liquids that are heated to a temperature high enough to cause the liquid to vaporize. Notice that vapes “vaporize” and do not “burn” like tobacco cigarettes. That’s one of the main differences between smoking tobacco cigarettes and using electronic cigarettes or vapes. The smoke you inhale when smoking tobacco cigarettes, contains many harmful carcinogens which have been proven to cause cancer. Vapor produced by e-cigs and vapes does not contain these same carcinogens found in smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Why? Because there’s nothing actually burning when using a vape or e-cig. Without carcinogens, the threat of cancer is greatly reduced by making the choice to vape instead of smoke.

Final thoughts on “Is vaping bad for you?” and “Is vaping safe?”

Before reading this you probably weren’t sure how the answer to the question, “Is vaping bad for you?” or “Is vaping safe?”, if someone were to ask you. After taking a look at some basic facts, it’s pretty easy to see that the FDA and tobacco companies are not out for the best interest of the public. The rapidly growing popularity of vapes and e-cigs, threatens the profits of these large corporations. In an effort to protect those profits, tobacco companies spend large amounts of their profits on marketing vapes and e-cigs in a negative light. Their goal is to make the public falsely believe that tobacco cigarettes are safer than vape and e-cig products through many misleading tactics and misinformation.

Vapers usually have a lot of good things to say from making the switch to vaping. Many that already tried quitting with nicotine patches or nicotine gum, say it was the most effective and only way possible for them to quit smoking. Many say their lungs felt much better since they started vaping and how they’re able to breathe a lot better too.  Many vapers also notice a great improvement with their sense of taste and sense of smell. Getting rid of that nasty cigarette smell that always seems to linger, is something you won’t be mad about either. They say “the truth shall always prevail” and in this case the benefits of vaping are easy to see. Ultimately the choice is yours, but at least now you know some useful facts.

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