Vaping Battery Safety Tips

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Vape Safe

Vaping Battery Safety Tips

The technology used in vapes is improving at a rapid rate. There’s no need to modify a flashlight from the garage into a vape any more. Those days are long gone since anyone over the age of 18 can buy vapes or mods from a local vape shop or with the click of a mouse. This explosion of options is great for anyone who is into vaping, but most don’t know about the explosive dangers these nifty devices can have. Sub ohm vaping has become increasingly popular within the vaping community. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran all vape users should know and understand how to use their device correctly and safely. Vaping battery safety is a topic that is not discussed nearly enough. When you take into consideration the millions of vape users around the world, the number of problems that occur is considerably low. Most of these incidents are caused by either people misusing mods or a poor quality product. No matter what vaping device you choose to use, they’re all powered by batteries. Here’s some useful information that will help to minimize the risk of improperly using any of the various types of mods.

Regulated Mods

Most rookie and novice vapers choose to start out with regulated mods. These mods are a great choice for the beginner and intermediate level vapers. Regardless of the resistance level, regulated mods make it simple to adjust the wattage and voltage that is sent to the coil. They’re built with internal circuits to protect as well as prevent the battery from electrical shorts that can damage the battery and make it unusable. Although the internal circuits make the regulated mods safer, you must remember it’s still an electronic device so there’s always the possibility for it to malfunction.

Disposable Battery Safety

Regulated mods can come with lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries sealed into the device. These batteries come in many different shapes and sizes. They are often called disposable since they cannot be replaced once the battery inside the mod reaches the end of its 2-3 years lifespan.

  • Always handle your mod with care. The lithium polymer (LiPo) battery is easily damaged since the only protection it has is as thin as aluminium foil. In the unfortunate case that you do drop your mod, you should immediately place it in a metal container and take it to be recycled as soon as you can. The lithium polymer (LiPo) battery inside of the mod can vent out extremely harmful chemicals and vapors.
  • Never overcharge your battery. Only charge your mod when you can keep an eye on it. Most of the well made mods have a built in cut off to stop charging the battery once it’s fully charged. Be careful though, this safety feature has been known to fail which could lead to a fire.
  • Make sure to store your mod safely. Don’t leave it sitting on flammable objects or material. Direct sunlight can heat your mod to an unsafe temperature so never leave it in direct sunlight.
  • Always use the correct coils. Check the instruction manual to find out the correct kind of ohms coil you can use with your mod and make sure you never go below this. This is even more important when dealing with sub ohm vaping.

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